Pay per click or SEM advertising is an internet advertising tool used to direct traffic to your website. Simply put, when anyone clicks on your website, you then pay the website designer. These types of advertisements may come in the form of banners which are displayed on search engines and webpages that have agreed to show the ad.

Advertisers are typically bidding on keywords and phrases which hold relevance to their product or service. Some sites may charge a fix rate per click as the bidding system can become tedious.

Generalised portals, seeks to drive high volume of traffic to one site, in contrast, PPC (pay per click) or SEM uses the affiliate model. The Pay-Per-Click model provides purchase opportunities for persons surfing the internet. It does this by offering financial enticements to linked partner sites. If the chosen partner fails to create sales, it will cost the merchant nothing. Some variations of the Pay-Per-Click or SEM model include but are not limited to revenue sharing programs and banner exchange programs

Websites that use Pay-Per-Click advertising will show an advertisement when a keyword inquiry matches an advertiser’s keyword list.

Pay-Per-Click advertising is a systematic way for companies to access the cost effectiveness and lucrativeness of internet marketing. Pay-Per-Click holds some advantages over other ways of advertising as the clicks are used to measure the amount of interest that advertisements may generate.

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